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Secondary Irrigation Water

The City Council has requested no watering on Sunday, no watering between 10am and 5pm, and watering as needed no more than 2 days per week. If we conserve now, we will have secondary water longer through the summer. Landscape Irrigation Simplified (LIS) is a program designed to educate homeowners on the three basic concepts of landscape irrigation.

1. The sprinkler system must distribute water uniformly over the landscape.

Check distribution uniformity (or pattern) of your sprinklers.Make repairs to broken lines, keep water off sidewalks and roadways, add sprinklers to cover dry spots, and reduce flow on wet spots by changing orifices.

2. The system needs to be set up to apply the correct amount of water.

Determine how long you should run your sprinklers to apply the right amount of water. The recommended irrigation application is ½ inch of water each irrigation. (Example: If your sprinklers take 21 minutes to apply ½ inch of water, you would use three 7-minute cycles. Run your sprinklers for 7 minutes each cycle and wait one hour in between each cycle.

3. The frequency of irrigation needs to be scheduled to meet the plants watering requirements. Regulations, ordinances, and restrictions can appear as crisis management. Some residents will take the advice to heart and do their part to conserve water by reducing their water use, but when the drought or crisis is over they generally revert to their original habits with no real change occurring. Here are steps to help with your watering of your landscape;


Set your watering schedule to irrigate as appropriate according to this schedule;



 Start thru April 30

 Once every 6 Days 
 May  Once every 4 Days 
 June  Once every 3 Days 
 July  Once every 3 Days 
 August  Once every 3 Days 

 Once every 6 Days 

 October 1 thru Shut Down  Once every 10 Days 



Culinary Drinking Water

We are finally up and running with the new water meters and automatic water reading system. This is exciting and will be a great benefit to the city. Many of you will notice a high water usage due to several months of not being able to read meters. We are trying to catch and fix the problems as we find them please be patient if you happen to be one that has / had a problem with the meter or the ERT (the radio transmitter for each meter). If you happen to be charged excessively for your water please contact the city office and we will look into it. Adjustments will be looked at on an individual basis and circumstances. Thanks for your patients with this change over.


After meter installation and system setup are completed, every water meter in town will be able to be read by one person in a couple of hours instead of two people over several days. With time and funding the system will be fully automated and will enter real time data into the billing system. This means no more giant bills in the spring, and leaks will be found before they develop into massive bills for residents!



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