Animal Control 

Katlin Bell

Cell: (435) 609-9944


Please keep your animals; licensed, vaccinated, and at home. The Animal Control Officer is now patrolling town regularly, and several of the more well known "wanderers" have already been taken care of.


Call Animal Control to see if your pet has been taken to the animal shelter located in Castle Dale at Emery Animal Health. Or call the shelter directly at the phone number listed below.


Emery Animal Health

490 W. Hwy 29

Castle Dale, UT

(435) 381-2539



Leash Law: 

Dogs must be restrained at ALL times either by a leash, inside a fenced yard, or in a kennel. Dogs can NOT be allowed to run free onto city streets or adjacent landowners property.  


Licensing Law:

ALL dogs over 6 months of age are required to be licensed. When licensing please have rabies vaccination information with the animal. Most areas in town only allow for 2 dogs per household.



Dogs cannot be allowed to bark excessively. This applies to ALL hours of the day and night. Tolerance for the length a dog is allowed to bark varies from one neighbor to another. Please be aware of your dog, and also it's impact on your neighbors. Dogs that are persistently a nusciance may be removed by the City Animal Control Officer, or the Sheriffs Office.


Animal Permits:

If you want; chickens, goats, or other domestic animals you must obtain and animal permit by contacting the City Office for further information.


Live Traps:

If you have borrowed one of the city's live traps, please return them to the traps to the city office, or to the Animal Control Officer. Or call the Animal Control Officer at (435) 609-9944, to schedule a pickup.





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The Orangeville City Council meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:30pm in the Orangeville City Council chambers, located at 25 N. Main Street in Orangeville, Utah. Contact city hall to have any business added to the agenda. If an item is not on the agenda it will not be addressed in that council meeting. Thank You.


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